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Replace your roof with us!Comercial & Residential

Replacing your shingle roof can be overwhelming. Your roof consist in most cases 40% of your curb appeal. At CGS, we want to take the worry and hassle out of the decision making process. We do this with our Shingle Roofing Decider.

This FREE step-by-step interactive program allows you to walk through the roofing process from start to finish and choose the products and accessories that fit your style and budget.

When you are finished, we will give you an estimate based on the choices you made throughout the process. If price its your main priority, we understand.

We have a best price guaranteed program that will outbid any competitor, without risking the quality or warranty.

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Ongoing repairs can increase the life expectancy of a commercial roof, but often the age of the roofing material and environmental conditions require a new roof to be installed.

The CGS roofing process involves a complete tear-off of the existing roof. Our team of commercial experts can replace an entire roof without damaging the structure. Our process involves preparing the area around the existing roof, so dirt, dust, and debris to the structure are mitigated.

We work with major developers to provide the high quality roofing new and reconstruction projects need. We have the experience necessary to provide realistic estimates and time-frames for large scale jobs.

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Replace your siding one last time, the time that will last Fiber cement siding is a composite material made of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers.

While the actual composition of the siding varies by manufacturer, the goal is the same – to provide a durable, low-maintenance siding product with the natural look of wood.

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