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Whether you have a small water intrusion in your basement or your crawlspace is completely flooded we are here for you.

If there is water, there could be mold. Call CGS Waterproofing for your FREE mold inspection.

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FAQImportant factors that indicate the need for foundation waterproofing

The appearance of pools of water in your basement can be an indication that your foundation is porous. Cracks on the foundation can allow water and moisture to enter the basement whenever it rains or when there is a plumbing leak.

If there is an unexplained musty odor in your basement, there is a high chance that you are facing a mold problem. Mold grows in humid conditions and produces smelly compounds as it grows. The bad smell therefore indicates that your foundation is letting water or moisture into the basement.

Besides having a bad smell in your basement, you may also see patches of mold on the foundation and basement walls, on the basement floor, and on structures such as the ceiling and drywall. All these signs show that your basement is damp and should be waterproofed.

Efflorescence is the movement of salts through a porous material. If your foundation is porous, it will allow water from outside to pass through it. Salts dissolved in water will be deposited on your basement’s walls, and when they dry out, they form a crystalline or powdery substance. Sealing cracks in the foundation will eliminate this problem.

Wooden structures undergo dry rot when their moisture content exceeds 20%. If you notice signs of dry rot on wooden structures such as door frames, furniture, staircases and others within your basement, then your basement probably has a high level of moisture and your foundation needs waterproofing.

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Molds job is to break down organic material

Humidity Mold Remediation

There is mold all around us at all times, it is a part of the natural environment and has a job to do. Molds job is to break down organic material. The challenge starts when you have had excessive humidity or direct water intrusion, mold can and usually does begin to form.

That musty dank smell, your basement or house should NOT smell like that and is one of the first signs that you have a mold issue.

Once it is visible to the naked eye, there are hundreds of thousands of spores. Molds natural defense is to scatter its spores when it is disturbed. Once you get past a few feet of visible mold, you will need a professional to clean it up.

Please remember, BLEACH is not always the answer. Once the clean up is completed, the key is controlling the water and the humidity going forward.

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